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Borusan CAT
Komatek Expo
Fair Stand

At the 2015 Komatek Expo Fair, we designed an incredible booth for Borusan using 25 tons of iron. We attracted attention at the fair by having Borusan CAT construction machines play Jenga.






Fair Stand

Scope of Work


We designed a unique stand for Borusan CAT at KOMATEK 2015 Exhibition.


Borusan CAT stand, one of the most important examples of our original designs, provided unforgettable experiences at KOMATEK 2015 with its magnificent, remarkable and different structure.

The design of the stand was inspired by the CAT Mining Truck, the largest and most spectacular of CAT's vehicles, which we transformed into a 25-ton spectacular stand.


Thus, the stand became both a part of the other vehicles and the heart of the event.

While paying attention to all the details of the design, we also created spacious areas in the interiors. We designed different seating areas for sales operations to be carried out easily and for customers to be welcomed.