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Maris Houses

A'Design Awards & Competition 2022 - Winner in the Architecture category We have done all the print and digital work for the LOVIN Deluxe "Maris Evleri" project!


LOVIN Deluxe






Scope of Work


Brand Name


Corporate identity


Brochure and Catalog

We completed the branding work by designing the corporate identity, promotional catalogs and brochures for LOVIN Deluxe, which combines modern architecture with an exceptional design approach that puts comfort and safety at the center of living spaces with its human-oriented design approach.

We prepared corporate WEB sites to open up to the digital world by maintaining user interface design (UI) and user experience design (UX) standards. We also used social media effectively throughout the process, which has the advantages of allowing planned advertising activities to interact with the target audience faster and spread to a wider market. 

Based on the messages of "quality, comfort, functionality and safety", we defined a strategy that directly interacts with the target audience.

In creating the brand positioning, we used the same design and content language so that it could be expressed consistently across all media.

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