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The specially designed box designs we prepared for Abbott were specially designed to strengthen the presentations of representatives and reflect the brand value of the products. The designs, realized in two different concepts, aim to represent the company's wide product range in the most effective way.


Abbott Türkiye




Global Healthcare / Research

Scope of Work

Industrial Product Design

In the first concept, we created a design consisting of white plexiglass material with a minimalist approach. The red logotype-shaped detail used in the handle section gave the product an aesthetic depth and ensured a remarkable appearance. This design aims to add a professional atmosphere to representatives' presentations by offering simplicity and elegance together.

In the second concept, a design in pastel tones was created using plexiglass material. This design emphasizes the reliability and user-friendly nature of the products through the use of soft and calm colors. Pastel tones create a pleasant atmosphere in representatives' presentations and encourage careful examination of products.

Both concepts are designed to best represent the quality and reliability of Abbott's products. These products, specially designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers, aim to support the professional and innovative image of the company.

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