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We pushed our creativity to the limit for CLARO's new look. We added a new dimension to the corporate identity, concept images and digital sharing visuals.






Technology / R&D

Scope of Work


Corporate Identity

Concept Image




Introduction / Presentation

CLARO LED, which is one of the pioneers in the LED industry and has strengthened its position with its quality product line and superior service understanding, is now stronger with the creative works we have designed.



CLARO LED's "KIOSK", "LED Module" and "Special Design Products", which are specially designed for indoor and outdoor use, have succeeded in achieving their goals in the domestic and global markets in line with our strategy.

Our work began with a well-planned strategy. First, we added subtle touches to CLARO's corporate identity and made sure it was "brand compatible" across all media.


First, we created the logotype, color, typography and visual imagery, which are the main components of the visual identity. This work helped the brand become more distinct, unique and memorable by differentiating it from its competitors.

The focus of the campaign was on the limitless creativity and variations of LED display technologies. In order for Claro to express this in the global market, we pushed all our limits.

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