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Atlas 1948
Call for open memory

We created a visual concept that shares the Memories of Atlas 1948 Cinema, one of Turkey's historic cinemas - even one of the pioneers.


Atlas 1948 Cinema 




Cinema, Museum, Entertainment

Scope of Work




Let's show how meaningful and special the work is for us by quoting from the "Brief" of the project, which is full of subtleties:



"Call for an Open Moment

Istanbul Cinema Museum wants to listen to the memories you have accumulated at Atlas 1948 Cinema!

Atlas 1948 Cinema focuses on the experiences gained here in order to make sense of the practices of using the space more effectively. You may have watched your first movie here or eaten your first popcorn here. We believe that Atlas 1948 Cinema is an important part of Istanbul's urban culture.

We care about the memories experienced here by every individual who makes up the city and expresses its diversity. We know that you pass through here on your way to discovering both yourself and the city. Feel free to share with us any memory you have ever had at Atlas 1948 Cinema. Don't underestimate your place in the collective memory and let us show you what we can do with the memories that will accumulate through this open call. 


For the memories you share, don't forget to buy the movie ticket gifted by Atlas 1948 Cinema."

We found it more appropriate to move forward with a modern, minimalist illustration line in this poster work, which we enjoyed at every stage of the project. We aimed to mobilize Atlas 1948 customers with a swirl of warm, happy memories that draws people in.

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