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The best part of renewal is to increase motivation. All of our approaches to Kanduras are based on the concepts of renewal, comfort and motivation.






Fashion / Textile

Scope of Work


Corporate Identity

Web Design


Photo Concept

Social Media

"We redefine fashion with Kanduras. Our designs, whose elegance is hidden in the details, challenge the traditional understanding of fashion. With our unique lines, we offer you the closest elegance and comfort while protecting the future of fashion and nature.

Because we care about you.



Change how you see, see how you change!"



We are going through an exciting experience process in which we share Kanduras' dreams. It motivates us to share a brand's values, vision, the experiences they provide to their users through their products and to touch the brand value.

Within the scope of the project process, we tried to make Kanduras comfort more understandable with the iconic logo change we made in the corporate identity and the minimalist line we captured on the website. We built our entire strategy on the quality felt while experiencing the brand's products and the feeling of change that comes with comfort.


We tried to balance the brand integrity in every medium by using naturalness in all advertising texts of Kanduras, which has a high dose of naturalness in its fabric and takes its inspiration from nature.

We emphasized the brand's distinctive features such as its naturalness, 100% cotton, coloring with healthy and approved textile dyes, and the ability to wear the product packages as soon as they are opened.

In social media posts, we emphasized simplicity, comfort and product quality. In advertising, we prepared image works that created organic brand followers.

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