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Borusan CAT 

The years 2011-2013, when we designed Borusan's stand, were the periods when the brand was strongly represented at Contemporary Istanbul and Komatek fairs. In particular, the stand design we realized in 2012 was awarded the 2nd prize for the best stand worldwide by Cat Worldwide. These achievements highlight the impressive and award-winning nature of our designs.


Borusan CAT


2011 -2013


Construction Machinery

Scope of Work

Fair Stand Designs

Functionality and simplicity were prioritized in our booth designs. Reflecting Borusan's modern and innovative image, our designs aimed to clearly convey the brand's message while attracting the attention of fairgoers. Our minimalist and elegant design approach reinforced the brand's image by providing visitors with a memorable experience..

Our stands at major trade fairs such as Contemporary Istanbul and Komatek highlighted Borusan's leading position in the industry and its innovative approach. By approaching our customers and visitors in a friendly manner, we were able to effectively promote the brand's values and products.

These projects have played an important role in strengthening Borusan's presence at exhibitions and increasing the brand's international recognition. The award-winning and successful track record of our designs indicates the potential for a unique and impressive presence in Borusan's future exhibition participation.

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