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Desmus RED

We designed the brand identity and WEB site of Desmus RED, a dynamic and innovative Real Estate Development company determined to redefine the landscape of residential living in the New Era.






Real Estate Investment

Scope of Work

Brand identity


This project encompasses a dynamic and innovative corporate identity and a contemporary website design that reflects Desmus RED's new generation real estate development approach. Determined to redefine residential living and aiming to stand out with a modern and aesthetic brand image, we created a design for Desmus RED that aims to clearly communicate the company's unique values, aesthetics and innovative vision to customers.

Corporate Identity
Desmus RED's corporate identity consists of key elements that reflect the character and authenticity of the brand. The logotype design offers a strong visual definition, reflecting the dynamism and modern vision of the company. The color palette reinforces the integrity of the corporate identity, highlighting the energy and professionalism of the company. The choice of typography supports the brand's contemporary stance by adopting a modern and readable style.

Website Design:
Desmus RED's website has a structure that reflects modern design trends with a user-friendly interface. The homepage reflects the atmosphere of the brand with dynamic visuals and impressive content. Users can easily navigate to explore projects, view layouts and get detailed information. The website aims to maximize the user experience by including technical elements such as mobile compatibility and fast access.



Project Portfolio and Promotion:
The website presents the projects developed by Desmus RED in detail, showing potential customers the quality and diversity of the company. It includes dedicated pages for each project, images, videos and introductory texts, giving visitors the feeling of a real living space.

The website is enhanced with social media integration to increase interaction with visitors and support transparent communication. 


Desmus RED's corporate identity and website design effectively reflects the company's vision of next generation real estate development. Harmoniously combining modern, dynamic and aesthetic elements, the design supports the brand's strong digital presence and opens the doors of contemporary residential living to customers.

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