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We designed a remarkable exhibition stand for Fagold to be exhibited at a prestigious event such as the Istanbul Jewelry Show. In this project with Fagold, as a leading brand in the jewelry and jewelry industry, we aimed to both interact with existing customers and attract new customers with the exhibition stand. With the exhibition stand we designed, we aimed to provide an unforgettable experience to the visitors of the fair by emphasizing the values of the brand, its aesthetic understanding and the quality of its products.







Scope of Work

Stand design

Visual Impact:

With the design of the exhibition stand, we aimed to create a visually striking and impressive impression. Creative lighting, striking colors and modern design elements made the stand stand out on the show floor. Fagold's products were carefully displayed and highlighted with lighting effects to create an eye-catching look.



Reflecting Brand Identity:

The design of the exhibition booth consisted of special details that reflected Fagold's brand identity. The logo, color palette and other brand elements were used throughout the stand, reinforcing a consistent brand image.

Product Emphasis:

The exhibition booth strategically displays Fagold's most prominent products. Carefully displayed showcases of jewelry and gems allow visitors to take a close look at the products and examine their details. The quality, craftsmanship and unique designs of the products are carefully emphasized on the stand.

Interactive Experience:

The exhibition stand provides an interactive experience for visitors to interact with the brand. Elements such as trial jewelry, digital visual displays and interactive tablets allow visitors to explore the booth and learn more about the brand. In addition, booth staff approach visitors in a friendly manner, answering questions and providing detailed information about the products.


Memorability and Recycling:

The design of the exhibition stand aims to leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. Providing an unforgettable experience, the stand ensures that visitors remember the brand and prefer Fagold for their future jewelry purchases. In addition, the use of recyclable materials in the stand design reinforces the brand's environmentally friendly and sustainable image.

The Istanbul Jewelry Show exhibition stand designed for Fagold aims to offer an unforgettable experience to the visitors of the fair by displaying the brand's values, products and aesthetic understanding in a remarkable way. The visual impact, reflection of the brand identity, product emphasis, interactive experience and memorability elements ensure that the stand successfully achieves its goals.

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