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This project involved a comprehensive corporate identity and website design for Fasilite, a 360° venue design and management company specializing in theatre, live entertainment and sporting events. Fasilite plays a leading role in the creative and functional design and management of event venues. The work aims to strengthen the company's leading position in the sector, expand its client portfolio and increase brand awareness.







Scope of Work

Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity:
Fasilite's corporate identity reflects the company's dynamism, creativity and professionalism. The logo design has a modern and sleek look and emphasizes the company's leadership in the industry. The color palette includes vibrant and energetic tones and reflects the atmosphere of Fasilite's event spaces. The choice of typography supports a modern and reliable image of the company.



Website Design:
Fasilite's website reflects modern design trends with a user-friendly interface. The site provides visitors with comprehensive information about the company's services and inspires potential customers with reference projects. Elements such as interactive elements, image galleries and blog content aim to enhance the user experience and encourage visitor interaction.

Visual Presentation of Projects: The visual presentation of Fasilite's projects highlights the brand's areas of expertise and creative approach. Photo and video content shows how Fasilite transforms event venues and achieves successful results with its experienced team. These visual presentations visually communicate the company's capacity and capabilities to potential clients.



Testimonials and Customer Reviews:

The website contains positive feedback and testimonials from Fasilite's previous clients. The customer reviews emphasize the company's professionalism, reliability and customer satisfaction with its successful projects. These testimonials aim to increase potential customers' trust in Fasilite.

The corporate identity and website design project for Fasilite aims to strengthen the company's leading position in the sector and increase brand awareness. The modern and sleek design approach reflects the company's creative and professional approach and offers an impressive first impression to customers. The aim of this project is to enable Fasilite to play a leading role in the transformation of event venues by providing the best service to its customers.

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