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HOI Health

HOI Health crowns the services it offers in the fields of hair transplantation, dental aesthetics and plastic surgery with location directions using specially designed polyester material in organic form. These space directions come to life with inspiration from the natural structure of the hair follicle.


HOI Health





Scope of Work

Architectural Space Signage


Interior architecture

At the same time, the wood, metal and special static painted shapes for the special walls inside the clinic offer a profound aesthetic experience in the field of aesthetic surgery. The room specially designed for hair transplantation creates a unique atmosphere with the combination of twisted metals on the ceiling and marble in the shape of hair follicles.

Our work, which began with a planned strategy, began by creating subtle touches in CLARO's corporate identity and ensuring that it achieved "brand compatibility" in every medium.


First, we created the logotype, color, typography and visual imagery, which are the main components of the visual identity. This work helped the brand become more distinct, unique and memorable by differentiating it from its competitors.

HOI Health aims to provide its patients with a unique healthcare experience by combining aesthetics and function.

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