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Kale Lock Stand

We designed a booth that pushes the limits for Kale Kilit, known for its experience of more than 50 years in the sector, its production approach that does not compromise on quality, and its dynamic and strong structure.







Scope of Work

Fair Stand

Our goal is to build on Kale Kilit's strong history and pioneering identity in the sector.

in harmony with the development of digitalization and keeping up with the age

as a whole. With this in mind, we started

to evoke an enclosing, protective feeling.

with modern lines both on the exterior frame and interior accessories.

we used oak. Strong and solid structure with dark colors

and supporting it with wood and metal accessories.

We also wanted to emphasize its dominance in modern trends.

Additionally, box-shaped blocks designed for the rear wall of the stand,

We planned a design in which, when viewed from one angle, it would appear as a peaceful family picture representing trust, while from another perspective, it would include the Kale Kilit emblem.

We chose to use different but complementary ideas in a few sections of the stand.

First of all, we designed a stylish cafe area for the guests visiting the stand where they can have a pleasant time while having a meeting. We took care to position the service area next to this area. With the help of the screens on the tables, we aimed to create a marketing perception by rotating the content and advertisements related to the products during the meeting.

We also planned for the booth visitors to hang wishing keys on the mesh sections we positioned between the tables. In this way, we created a space that adds a little more positive energy and makes you smile. We designed the VIP meeting room right next to this section as an open space to be used only when important guests arrive, so that guests can talk without getting bored. With the help of the meshes outside, we created the feeling of a private area so that guests visiting the stand would not enter inside. 



We have planned to display different product groups on the totems, each of which is individually illuminated in the middle section. Just to the left of this section, we have designed 3 glass-walled playgrounds. This will both arouse curiosity and provide more time for visitors to the stand.

In our first game, we thought of having lots of boxes and keys to open them. With a stopwatch, we will find the right key and box within one minute and make them win a gift. In this way, we will introduce different types of mechanical lock systems. 



In our second game, there will be a number board prepared by Kale Kilit on the screen or on the board. On the screen on the other wall there will be a question with a number answer. Answer this question

After marking the number on the number board or screen, accompanied by a stopwatch, he will open the box by entering the number into the digital lock system and win his gift. There will be descriptions of the digital lock systems behind the game wall.


In our third game wall, we designed the gavel on the panel in such a way that the one who completes the game by following the correct path without the stopwatch running out and setting off the alarm will win his/her gift.



There will be explanations behind all the designed game walls. We have also thought of a history corner that can be seen by visitors passing by the stand from outside. In this section, historical products produced for the first time will be exhibited with their dates and explanations. In this way, we have designed a stand that combines both Kale Kilit's corporate colors and strong structure and its modern line, offering a different idea in each section.

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