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Architect Ali Somer, who has designed countless houses and venues in the 35-year history of Ada Mobilya and Ada Yapı, which he owns, and Ayşe Torfilli, who completed her Interior Design education at the Academie Royale des Beoux-arts de Bruxelles and has been practicing her profession for 25 years, share their savings under the same roof. We designed a new corporate identity for AA Architecture Decoration Accessories, which he founded under the umbrella of. 


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Scope of Work


Corporate identity




Perhaps the best experience for us is our customers, who do first-class work in their fields within the industry, and from whom we learn something with their knowledge, manners and experience.


Before starting corporate identity work, I worked with Ali Somer and Ayşe Torfilli at AA Architecture | Decoration | We focused on concepts that describe the Accessories brand. Their philosophies and styles;"Aesthetics, gusto, quality, eclectic approach, timeless space, sustainability" We designed a unique logo for Ali Somer and Ayşe Torfilli, who express themselves with concepts such as, for the company they founded, based on the first letters of their names. We attributed a rational meaning to the logo we created, combining Ayşe Torfilli's gusto and Ali Somer's creative architectural approach.  

Offering the gusto and unique architectural solutions necessary for today's modern world, AA Architecture | Decoration | The scope of corporate identity we designed for Accessories; Usage areas of the logo include products such as color palettes, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, A4 files, invoice documents, presentations, signs and packaging.


In digital designs, we designed WEB sites, e-mail signatures, profile and cover images for social media. 

We did not allow the details to go beyond the minimalist line of the corporate identity we designed. We have always prioritized the power of the logo by choosing the simplest graphic expressions.

AA Architecture | Decoration | We also adopted the UI & UX design approach in Accessories' WEB site design. We have prepared strong graphics that best reflect the corporate identity along with a UI design suitable for user experience.

By choosing colors appropriate to the identity, we created modern lines and minimalist graphics that visually impress visitors. We chose trendy fonts that are as expressive as they are easy to read. We created useful areas that guide visitors. After performing all the necessary tests to ensure responsive operation on desktop and mobile devices, AA Architecture | Decoration | We brought Accessuar together with the digital world.