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This project is a design initiative to strengthen the Logitech brand's presence in Mediamarkt stores and provide customers with an interactive and engaging shopping experience. The Store and Product Experience Area aims to highlight Logitech's technology and product portfolio to engage directly with customers, enable them to experience the products and increase brand loyalty.






Technology / R&D

Scope of Work

Store and Product Experience Area Design

Innovation and Technology:
Designed to emphasize Logitech's brand identity that stands out with its innovative products and technological solutions, this area hosts the latest technological innovations. By offering customers the opportunity to closely examine and test Logitech products, it gives them the chance to directly experience the brand's quality.

Strengthening Brand Identity: 
The Store and Product Experience Area are equipped with design elements that reflect Logitech's strong brand identity. Logitech's color palette, logo and brand messages are carefully placed in this area. This will provide customers with the opportunity to build brand loyalty and identify with Logitech.

Educational and Informative Content:
The area not only showcases products, but also hosts interactive training and information materials.


Customers are provided with detailed information about Logitech products, usage tips and technical specifications. In this way, customers are supported to make an informed choice.

Marketing and Promotion Opportunities:

The Store and Product Experience Area is designed to support marketing strategies such as special launch events, discount campaigns and limited-time promotions. This will be an effective way to attract customers and increase sales.

Logitech's Store and Product Experience Area design in Mediamarkt aims to create a strong connection between the brand and customers. With innovation, technology, brand identity reinforcement, educational content, experienced staff and marketing opportunities, this space will further strengthen the brand's presence by increasing demand for Logitech products.

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