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Modular Stage Management Console

In this industrial product we designed for Eramita, which made us the winner of the A'Design Award 2018, all the solutions needed by stage management are combined in a single product.





Industrial / UI&UX

Scope of Work


Industrial design


Modular Stage Management Console; It is a control center product that enables the management of performances such as theatre, opera, concerts and events held in venues such as congress halls, automation in front and behind the stage, and the show / performance / event flow.

Starting with the awareness of the importance and safety of such a product, FOXMARK created a structure for Eramita that takes up less space than its counterparts, can be used easily in dark environments, is innovative, modular and uses today's technology much more efficiently. 

While the basic features of the control desk can be developed according to needs, the system is controlled by a combination of digital and analog control methods.

Our product was winner of the A'Design Awards 2018 in the category of Industrial Product Design, designed with UI & UX approaches with its system using touchscreen technology.

Instant feedback from stage operators working in the industry and operational problems encountered during the event, functional suggestions that take the system even further was taken into consideration and it was ensured that it was a product that exceeded the user experience.

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