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MUÀ Gelatieri d'Italia

We aimed to offer MUA Ice Cream an unforgettable experience to its customers by emphasizing its unique flavors and unique story.


MUÀ Gelatieri d'Italia – Organic Ice Cream





Scope of Work

Stand & Field Solutions

At Mua Dondurma, we designed our stand to reflect our brand's elegant and minimalist identity. Our stand has a modern and contemporary look due to its minimal lines and simplicity.


  We use Italian columns in the details of our stand to emphasize the quality and sophisticated style of our brand.

This special textural element gives our customers the feeling that our ice cream is produced with carefully selected ingredients.

Our Sitting Areas Inspired by Ice Cream Cones:

Our seating areas were designed inspired by ice cream cones. This detail both offers a visual feast to our customers and strengthens the special connection to Mua Ice Cream's products.

Our White and Gold Color Palette:
Our color palette generally focuses on white and gold tones. While white evokes a sense of simplicity and cleanliness, gold details represent elegance and luxury. This color choice reflects the value we place on our brand's products.

Our stand design aims to provide fast and efficient service to customers. We have made operational arrangements that enable staff to work comfortably, which positively affects the customer experience.

We prioritized the use of environmentally friendly materials in our design. As Mua Dondurma, we take an environmentally sensitive approach by emphasizing sustainability values.

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