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Optisol & Lensol

This project includes the corporate identity, packaging design and product stand design for Lensol and its sub-brand Optisol. Using 3 shades of blue as a color palette, the minimalist design emphasizes the concept of health and aims to create a modern, stylish and reassuring look for the brands.







Scope of Work

Corporate Identity


Product Stand

Concept Image


Introduction / Presentation

Corporate Identity:
The new corporate identity of Lensol and Optisol represents the company's health-oriented and innovative approach. Shades of blue support the concept of calm, trust and health, enhancing the brand's power to connect emotionally. The minimalist logo design aims to make a strong first impression on consumers, reflecting that the company is a modern and contemporary brand.


Packaging design:
The product packaging has a simple and elegant design that integrates with shades of blue. The minimalist graphics used on the packaging emphasize the quality and professionalism of the products. The features and benefits of the products are communicated in simple and effective language that users can quickly understand. The choice of colors on the packaging emphasizes the concept of health and hygiene, giving the consumer a sense of cleanliness and confidence.

Product Display Design:

The Optisol product display is designed to stand out in the store. The minimalist and uncluttered layout offers customers the opportunity to explore and experience the products. The shades of blue used in the stand support the concept of health and freshness and convey the quality and reliability of the brand to the customer. The stand design aims to provide a striking and effective presentation by putting the products at the center.



Health and minimalism: Blue tones emphasize the concepts of health and hygiene and support the core values of Lensol and Optisol. The minimalist design approach offers a simple and clear communication, emphasizing the company's unique and modern attitude towards consumers.

The corporate identity, packaging design and product stand design project for Lensol and Optisol aims to strengthen the health-oriented and modern image of the company. Shades of blue, minimalist design and professional presentation offer consumers the opportunity to establish a reliable, high-quality and contemporary relationship with the brand. These designs aim to strengthen Lensol and Optisol's presence in the industry and establish a deep connection with consumers.

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