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Proje Evi Cooperative

The main reason behind the redesign of Project House Cooperative's corporate identity and website is to more effectively communicate the organization's wide range of services and professional approach.


Project House Cooperative





Scope of Work

Corporate Identity



Corporate Identity Renewal:

By renewing the corporate identity of Proje Evi Cooperative, we ensured that the brand is represented with an up-to-date and contemporary image. With the renewed logo, color palette and visual identity elements, it was aimed for the organization to leave a professional and reliable impression.

Website Design:

The new website has been designed to highlight the organisation's wide range of services and expertise. With its user-friendly interface and modern design, it enabled visitors to easily find information and interact.

Effective Presentation of Services:

The website introduces the services offered by the Project House Cooperative in a clear and understandable way. By emphasizing that they provide expertise in areas such as fundraising, project management, monitoring and evaluation, a solution-oriented approach was presented to potential clients.


Professional Consultancy and Training Services:

The website presented the organization's consulting and training services in detail, highlighting its capacity to provide solutions tailored to clients' needs. It also emphasized the importance of research and analysis, focusing on the quality and impact of the value provided to clients.

Capacity Increase and Continuous Development:

Project House Cooperative's goal is to increase customers' capacities and support their continuous development. The renewed corporate identity and website were designed as a tool to support them in achieving this goal and ensure the effective delivery of services.

As a result, by renewing Project House Cooperative's corporate identity and designing its website, we aimed to communicate the strengths and expertise of the organization more effectively and provide customers with a more valuable experience. This renewal process can be considered an important step to increase the organization's competitiveness in the market and reach a wider customer base.

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