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We created social media designs, video productions and promotional brochures for Sonova's Phonak and Unitron brands, a leading provider of innovative hearing healthcare solutions with operations in more than 100 countries.






Health / Hearing Aids

Scope of Work


Social Media

Video Production


Our journey began with social media content and visual design for the Sonova Turkey, Unitron and Phonak brands, and continued with video production, brochure and ad design.

With all the advantages of working with a global brand, we developed strategies in accordance with corporate identity guidelines.



We added color to their world with visual concepts and content we prepared specifically for social media activities.

We used a warm communication language that invited the target audience, stimulated their emotions and made the communication with their brands permanent.

We used a minimalist style for brochures and individual cards.


We designed the copy according to the brand's specific world and target audience. By creating organized graphics, we ensured that the target audience had a positive user experience process.

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