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Turkish Thoracic Society

This is a social responsibility project led by the Turkish Thoracic Society. Our poster design aims to raise public awareness about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The project won awards in the categories of Best Social Responsibility Campaign and Sponsorship Implementation and Best Public Communication Awareness Raising Material at the Farmaskop Health Communication Awards, demonstrating its strong approach to success and impact.


Turkish Thoracic Society




Social responsibility

Scope of Work

Poster Design

Key Messages of the Poster:
Our poster contains important information about the causes, symptoms, diagnostic methods and treatment options for COPD. By focusing on public health, we are conducting an awareness-raising campaign to reduce the impact of COPD through early diagnosis and accurate information. The main messages of our poster include the harm of smoking, the effects of air pollution and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.




Community Impact and Participation:
Another prominent element of this project is the aim to engage and influence the community. Through our poster, social media platforms and interactive events, the community was actively involved in the project. Thus, it created a social impact by supporting information sharing and raising awareness.

Sustainability and Long

Long-term Impact:
The project aims not only for short-term awareness raising, but also for long-term impact and sustainability. In addition to the poster, we aim to continuously raise awareness on COPD through content shared on digital platforms and events organized. In this way, we aim to create a lasting impact on the public's health awareness and the measures taken.

The Turkish Thoracic Society's COPD Awareness Project is a success story crowned with awards. This project stands out as an effective social responsibility campaign in the field of health communication and conveys a strong message about public awareness and healthy living. The poster has been honored with awards and aims to create a sustainable and long-term impact on public health.

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