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The comprehensive agency work carried out for Yalıdent covers a wide range from creating a strong corporate identity of the brand to venue branding, social media campaign advertisements, website design, original photo shoots, promotional and presentation materials. This integrated approach aims to ensure that the brand has a strong presence in the industry and establishes a deep interaction with the target audience.







Scope of Work

Corporate identity

Social media

Venue Branding

WEB Site

Concept Image


Introduction / Presentation

Corporate identity:
Yalıdent's corporate identity reflects the brand's core values, mission and aesthetic approach. The logo design creates a strong visual definition, emphasizing the company's professionalism and modern approach. 


Venue Branding:
Yalıdent's physical spaces are branded in a way that is integrated with the aesthetic understanding and corporate identity of the brand. The colors, graphics and other visual elements used in the spaces convey the reliability and quality of the brand to customers. 


Social Media Campaign Ads:
Social media campaign advertisements aim to increase brand awareness with special and impressive content for the target audience. The visual and text elements used provide effective brand communication by emphasizing the values of the brand. Advertisements aim to engage social media users with interactive and participatory content.


Yalıdent's website strengthens the brand's online presence with its modern design and user-friendly interface. The website, enriched with functions such as interactive elements, information presentation, product and service details, appointment systems, aims to increase users' interaction with the brand and facilitate access to information.

Photography and Promotion/Presentation Materials:

Original photo shoots and promotional/presentation materials emphasize the originality and quality of the brand. Professional photography and impressive designs support the brand's image, leaving a strong impression on potential customers.

The full-scale agency work carried out for Yalıdent aims to ensure that the brand has a strong and consistent presence in all communication channels. The integrated approach ensures effective positioning of the brand on both online and offline platforms. This study aims to make Yalıdent stand out in the industry and increase customer loyalty.

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